Software Defined Radio using GQRX on Ubuntu Linux

I’ve been playing around with Ham Radio quite a bit lately.  The potential for varying applications in agriculture is pretty broad, and it’s just plain fun.  Here’s a little demo I put together of a very cheap Software Defined Radio, … Continue reading

EETA Dominican Republic

For over 25 years, the people at the Experimental Station for Appropriate Technology (EETA) have worked directly with local farmers to develop appropriate technologies. EETA defines appropriate technology as anything that addresses an identified need and can be developed at … Continue reading

Personal Fabrication Bridges the Gap

As we have seen, technocracy meant the concentration of capital and its associated productive capacity in the hands of the “literate”. The consequences of this historical process were negative for democracy and community autonomy. Now, because globalization is connecting the … Continue reading

The First Advocate of Open Source

The first advocate of Open Source was none other than the patron saint of neoliberal economics: Adam Smith. Although Smith’s classic The Wealth of Nations has become the de-facto Bible of the neoliberal agenda, invoking Smith to justify cut-throat capitalism … Continue reading

Sustainable Cycling

The Portland Peace and Justice Center has put together quite an innovative bicycle tour. The Sustainable Energy in Motion Bike Tour combines a long distance cycling expedition with an integrated learning experience. Participants learn about organic agriculture, green building, permaculture, … Continue reading

Open Sourcing Appropriate Technology Part I

In 1985, Richard Stallman published the GNU Emacs License in conjunction with his software package of the same name. Though it received little attention beyond the tight-knit community of computer hackers, Stallman laid the foundation for a revolution that is only … Continue reading