Grazing Improves the Species Diversity of Symbiotic Soil Fungi

The microbial community in soils is one of the most important processes that drives productivity in terrestrial ecosystems.  Yet little research has been done to better understand how soil microbes interact with plants, wildlife, and insects both above and below … Continue reading

Managing for Avian Diversity in Grassland Ecosystems

Article: Should Heterogeneity Be The Basis For Conservation?  Grassland Bird Response To Fire And Grazing Authors: Fuhlendorf, S.D. Harrell, W. Engle, D.M. Hamilton, R.G. Davis, C.A. Leslie, D.M. Published: Ecological Applications 16(5), 2006, pp. 1096-1716 Management strategies on grazing lands … Continue reading

The Problem of Replication

Article: Vegetation, cattle, and economic responses to grazing strategies and pressures Authors: Manley, W.A. Hart, R.H. Samuel, M.J. Smith, M.A. Waggoner, JR. and Manley, J.T. Published: Journal of Range Management 50(6), November 1997 The problem of replication is especially acute … Continue reading