Starbucks Challenge in New Mexico

Yesterday my sister and I went to one of our local Starbucks to join in on the Starbucks Challenge.   I’ve been following the Challenge for several weeks now, and it’s really caught my attention for a number of reasons.  However, I figured I should actually take the Challenge before blogging about it.

The baristas at this particular Starbucks handled the situation quite well.  Intially, the barista seemed a bit confused by our request, and wasn’t sure how to ring it up on the register.  Immediately a more experienced barista stepped in and explained to us that Fair Trade coffee wasn’t the current brew, but that they would gladly prepare us a French press Fair Trade cup.   She showed the  other barista how to ring up a Fair Trade French press on the register, and then visibly took a bag of Cafe Estima from the shelf and brewed it up.  They were professional and corteous.  Perhaps the Challenge is starting to have an impact.

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