water catchmentWe were unable to purchase the parts for the hydraulic ram pump, as the total cost was quite a bit more than we had originally set aside for the project. I have yet to look online for other sources of parts.

If anybody is interested in learning more about the pump, the design and construction manual can be accessed here.

If you’re wondering what the utility of such a pump would be, just imagine the thousands upon thousands of watersheds in the world that experience heavy rainfalls during four months of the year and almost no precipitation for the other eight.

The ability to move water from ephemeral streams to higher ground, and then store it, would be an invaluable service to the people that rely on agriculture as their primary source of income. Remember, this pump requires no outside sources of energy and can elevate water up to 20 times the initial drive head.

Storage ponds would look similar to the one in the photo above. Size can vary based on the total capacity of the system. Lifting water also stores energy for powering turbines and running drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, which are highly efficient in comparison with traditional flood irrigation.

Have a look at some photos. Saludos.

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