Why I voted for Wilson

After a long and drawn out ballot counting, and a great deal of uncertainty in New Mexico’s first district regarding who would represent us come January in the 110th Congress, Representative Heather Wilson was declared the winner by a margin of 875 votes. My vote was one of those that helped propel Wilson to victory.

I didn’t vote for Wilson because of her support of the disastrous neo-conservative experiment in Iraq, nor did I vote against Madrid for her uncomfortable 11 second silence in the debates after being asked if she would support an increase in taxes.

I voted for Heather Wilson because, during her current tenure as our representative, she was the only Republican member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to vote in favor of Net Neutrality. No, Net Neutrality was not a hot button issue amongst voters in this election cycle. And quite honestly, I would be surprised if many voters (and even Patricia Madrid, for that matter), have a firm grasp on what Net Neutrality is.

But Heather Wilson, despite her shortcomings, has proven to be a champion of Network Neutrality, and therefore a friend of small business and local democracy, not just in New Mexico’s first district, but in the nation and around the world. Furthermore, I am quite certain that any individual or community would whole-heartedly support Network Neutrality if they had a careful and objective explanation of what it actually means.

Now that Representative Wilson has been reelected, we in the blogosphere who have supported her since she took a courageous and moral stand against the monopolistic tendencies of the telcos expect her to be proactive in her support of Network Neutrality. After all, this is an issue that should receive bipartisan support from both the House and the Senate, and we want legislation that will guarantee that our TCP/IP packets are passed along the backbone in an undiscriminating fashion.  Congratulations Heather Wilson.

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