Monsanto Defeated

As reported by the Public Patent Foundation, four of Monsanto’s key patents related to genetically modified (GM) crops have been rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. After dozens of cases against North American farmers, the most well-known being Monsanto v Percy Schmeiser, the US Patent Office has finally shown some sense, and sided for the age-old, agrarian tradition of seed-saving.

We should take a moment to remember the hard-fought battles of community leaders like Percy Schmeiser, keeping in mind that though this single battle may be a victory, the war is far from over, and Monsanto will come back harder than ever. If any single issue requires civil disobedience on the part of citizens the world over, it is this one, and any other issue regarding patents being placed on genetic material, which is the blueprint of life itself.

I have noticed that representatives of Monsanto are quick to pounce on any news or opinion in the blogosphere that relates to their company. So if you’re reading this, remember: we will always save seed, farmers, gardeners, scientists and naturalists. We will resist any attempts to curtail our inalienable rights to preserve our cultural traditions and our natural heritage, and we will defy any law, court, or government agency that attempts to restrict these rights. Our resistance will be simple and timeless, for we will do what humans have always done since the dawn of civilization: plant a seed, water it, and watch it grow.

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