The Left is on Crack

Yesterday, in an interview on Democracy Now!, Michael Moore had this to say about an Obama presidency:

I’m also hoping that Senator Obama is, you know, like all politicians: you know, they don’t always keep their campaign promises, right? I mean, it’s not unusual. It’s certainly not unexpected. They just don’t always keep their campaign promises. So, somehow I’ve told myself that those campaign promises that he will not keep are expanding the war in Afghanistan, pushing a healthcare plan that leaves the profit-making health insurance companies in charge of the plan, and, you know, a number of other things that I think a lot of us are concerned about…

This is some of the worst delusional thinking I’ve seen in a long time; the left is chronically guilty of it, and nobody points it out so well as Ralph Nader.  Not to say that Obama is not going to break his campaign promises.  He just won’t break the ones a good progressive (or a good constitutionalist, for that matter) would want him to.

Just the day before, on the same daily news program, investigative reporter Robert Dreyfuss had this to say about an Obama presidency:

…several of Barack Obama’s advisers, especially Richard Danzig, who is his key inside adviser on military affairs, has suggested overtly, publicly, that Senator Obama might keep Robert Gates on as Secretary of Defense. And several of Obama’s advisers have suggested to me privately the same thing.

Ominous, especially in light of Rick MacArthur’s earlier analysis, again on Democracy Now!:

…if you believe that Obama is going to get us out of Iraq, think again. The people I talk to, the people who know the foreign policy entourage around Obama, particularly Anthony Lake, Samantha Power, these are the conventional Wilsonian liberal interventionists who more or less favored invading Iraq to begin with, or at least they kept their mouths shut, or they might have preferred to do it with more UN cooperation, more European help, and so on and so forth. But essentially, they don’t disagree with the premise that the Middle East, Iraq should be democratized and that the United States should have a big footprint there.

The former foreign minister I talked to, Latin American foreign
minister who knows Lake very well, Anthony Lake, who’s, I think, Obama’s senior foreign policy adviser, told me that “You’re not getting out of Iraq. Don’t kid yourself. You’re going to be in Iraq for a long, long time.” He’s going to make symbolic gestures. He’ll take some combat brigades out, and so on and so forth, but you’re talking about a more or less permanent military presence in Iraq.

True, nobody knows exactly what is going to happen come January 2009, but those of you who have bought into the flowery rhetoric and the empty promises, Michael Moore included, have some dark days ahead.


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