A Silent Revolution

KnittingThe case has already been made for revolution; our systems of policy, public administration, self-defense, agriculture…all corrupted and bankrupt.  Is an apolitical, non-violent revolution possible?  We do not know if the culprit is a system based on false premises or if the culprit is human nature itself.  The former leaves space for optimism, the latter is the choice of cynics.

If, indeed, false premises are the culprit, then there is room for reform through radical transformation.  But transformation is dangerous, for it implies by its nature first principles that are anathema to the super-elites: equitable distribution of wealth, a willingness to sacrifice self to the service of community, and a shift of power from the global super rich to locally aware community leaders.

The revolution, then, is post-ideological.  This is best expressed in the Gandhian principle of seva, translated as service, but implying devotion; a commitment not to change the world, but to serve others, and a humble recognition that we do not have the capacity or the wisdom to shape the world to our own ends.

In fomenting a post-ideological revolution, we must ask: is it possible to do so and maintain domestic tranquility?  Clearly, in some places it is already to late to ask this question: Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe.  In Iran, shootings, disappearings, beatings, raids…these have become the norm.  As our own “leadership” denounces the Iranian regime, they conveniently forget the events of last summer at the Republican National Convention.

Non-violent protest may be necessary, but it remains easy to infiltrate, sabotage, and disrupt, and it subjects people to the risk of violent retaliation, torture, and even death.

Is unified, non-organizational civil disobedience possible?  Will we be able to quietly seize the means of production? Create a a parallel system of governance and economics as the old one collapses?  Permaculture, trusteeship, distributed fabrication….a silent revolution.

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