Non-Ordinary States and Social Revolution

Anger is an ineffective tool for social transformation. It is useful, but in a limited sense. Anger can rile a population up, and fear can open one’s eyes to a fragile reality. As they increase, anger and fear become counter-productive, destructive. And today American society is governed by anger and fear. And the anger-mongering is transparent, it is nauseating.

Blasting the airwaves and cyberspace with vitriol, half-truths, and shallow analysis, Glenn Beck is now mastering the art of populist demagoguery. And yet, the irony is that Beck, like all of the television ranters and talking heads, is a corporate shill, milking the corporate machine for personal gain. This quote from a recent article in Time magazine:

A microphone, a camera, and a polarizing host are all it takes to get the money moving… Extreme talk, especially as practiced by a genuine talent like Beck, squeezes maximum profit from a relatively small, deeply invested audience, selling essentially the same product in multiple forms.

The “deeply invested” audiences of television propaganda have invested too much, and gone too deep. What is required is a counter-action, a motion of equal and opposite force, one that is void of anger and fear. We too are a relatively small, deeply invested audience. As a counter-balance, our work is based on the silence of action.

In the life and work of Stanislov Grof, non-ordinary states shattered the edifice of psychoanalysis constructed by Freud in the early 20th century. It is the non-ordinary state, in the absence of community and civil society, in the absence of an attachment to and dependence on Nature to provide us with our daily needs, that can now pull away the veil of propaganda and half-truths.

Through the swirling vortex of the mandala, the simple and fundamental truths of the human experience can be apprehended, and subjected to irrefutable rules of evidence: experience, intuition, and natural law. Violence is rejected. Fear is abandoned. Ideology is rendered useless. We are connected, fragments of the imagination of a Single Being. Nature is alive.

Awareness flows from the experience of the non-ordinary state, and from awareness flows action. The tools for active social transformation are all around you. Permaculture. Gandhian Economics. Yoga. Use them wisely.

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