Permaculture the Schools

The clock is still ticking, and collapse continues unabated. Most are oblivious to the true nature of the progression, what it means, why it’s happening, and most importantly, what we should do about it.

But the answer is simple, and it’s right in front of us. It’s so simple, in fact, that most people will not accept it. The answer is this: we must turn our schools into organic farms; as many of them as we can, in the shortest possible time.

By doing so, we have the potential to address, if not outright solve, almost every pressing social issue of our age. In a short time, every community in the country will reduce its carbon footprint dramatically. Education will be reborn and reinvented, with children learning and applying hands-on skills that respond to their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. Every discipline is welcome and included: woodworking, mathematics, chemistry, biology, engineering, art, and architecture. All of it is applied to real world problems that our communities must address in a responsible and proactive manner.

Issues of animal cruelty, environmental destruction, and good nutrition will be placed into a context of critical thinking and careful reflection. Standardized tests will be exposed as a fraud, the product of a cruel and twisted logic on the part of politicians and planners.

Children will become ambassadors for the cause of local food. They will take the seed that we plant, they will water and nurture it and make it grow. They will open the eyes of the ones they love, millions of people across the country, to the promise and the possibility of a national renewal. Our children will show us the way in a leaderless and silent revolution.

Our local economies will be rebuilt on a new model, as schools will require materials, expertise, and technological innovation to rapidly put in place a radical overhaul of the school’s curriculum and landscape. Open source technologies will be developed by the students themselves at breakneck speeds. These technologies will be deployed and converted into viable local business models.

This is not utopian. This is real, and it can happen now. The country is ready for it. This is apolitical and post-ideological. We need to organize and demand it. We need to visit our local schools, ask them if they’ve considered it. We need to put together petitions. We need to knock on doors: city councils, neighborhood associations, teacher’s unions, mayoral offices, school boards, PTA’s, county officials.

We need to get local resources interested in the idea, and apply the principles of slow money towards the development of a capital resource base for making the vision a reality. We need to network with other people who are already working on similar things, including CSA’s, the OSAT community, and the transition community. We need to search out past experiences and research initiatives, and conduct further research, to verify and promote the inherent value of this approach.

We need all of it, and we need it now. If I was a gambling man, I’d be ready to bet the farm that if this happens, it will work. The kids will show us the way.


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  1. Yeah man, let me resonate with this to the fullest!

    I like the terms you used, apolitical and post-ideological. What I got from that is something that goes beyond all boundaries of systems we have and systems we want to have. It cuts right to the root of the struggle. We don’t need political parties or deep philosophy to grow food together in a way that is Gaia-Friendly(fucks sake, do we really need to make that a label!?!?), this can be picked up by anyone who eats food and wants to continue that habit.

    I think this will require also the involvement of those without children. As a parent I know that it’s not always the most feasible endeavor to begin social activism while still raising a brood. I see a sense of partnership coming from the non-parents who are into this movement to help the parents get this stuff involved on the community level. We need single people to help us parents do the things needing to get done after diapers are changed, kids are watched after, and all of that other parent stuff that takes up soooo much of our time.

    Most importantly though are the kids themselves. This is, in my perspective, one of the BEST things we could do for our children(aside from helping them to develop critical thinking. . .). The children, man they can see the value in Nature with very little coaxing. My son and I have listened at night for the hooting owl, have watching as mushrooms have sprung up over night in the yard, we’ve noticed how the might Oak is a formidable presence and that we can give them our good emotions, we’ve got down and watched the ants do what they enjoy doing. Kids GET IT. With sober eyes and pure hearts, they don’t have the bullshit filters that us adults have accepted as part of society.

    Children still hear the voices of Nature calling.

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