A Vicious Hangover

On the eve of Obama’s first State of the Union address, the left is waking up from its mass psychological hysteria, only to find that too many hits on the Obamamania crack pipe have left the country penniless, warring, and demoralized.  A vicious hangover indeed.  In a recent article, Pscyhologist Bruce Levine disccuses the causes and consequences of a population that has been kicked in the teeth one time too many.

Michael Moore is the perfect poster boy for the crack addicted leftist wonk.  To make this point, first have a look at my pre-election blog post about Moore, written about 14 months ago.  And now, in a recent interview on DemocracyNow!, Moore says:

  “…the Democrats are essentially a bunch of wimps. They don’t have the guts. They don’t have the courage of their own convictions. They’re disgusting. I’m embarrassed. I want really nothing to do with them.”

Really?  Just 14 or so months after Moore implored us to vote for Obama, now he finds Obama and his party “disgusting”?  How is anybody supposed to take this guy seriously?


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  1. Didn’t know this was a place for politics. I could’ve got that commentary from Rush Limbaugh. Can we keep it to agricultural related topics here?

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