Stock Density, Paddock Numbers, and Recovery Periods

Article: Soil Hydrologic Response to Number of Pastures and Stocking Density under Intensive Rotation Grazing Authors: Warren, S.D. Blackburn, W.H. Taylor, C.A Published: Journal of Range Management 39(6), November 1986 Research for this paper was completed during the two year … Continue reading

Scale as a Constraint to Grazing Research

Article: Tallgrass prairie response to grazing system and stocking rate Authors: Gillen, R.L. McCollum T. Tate, K.W. Hodges, M.E. Published: Journal of Range Management 51(2), March 1998 This research was conducted in the tallgrass prairie of Oklahoma during the 5 … Continue reading

Total Rest Restores a Brittle Environment

Article: Livestock, soil compaction, and water infiltration rate: Evaluating a potential desertification recovery mechanism Authors: Castellano and Valone Published: Journal of Arid Environments 2007 Much debate and controversy has surrounded the use of rest as a tool to restore degraded … Continue reading

The Charter Trials: A Slide Show

This series of slides condenses the most salient points of the Charter Estate Grazing Trials into a series of charts and graphs.  If you are looking to understand the fundamental points of the Charter Trials in a concise, visual format, … Continue reading

The Charter Trials: Botanical Analysis

Article: The Charter Estate Grazing Trial Results of the Botanical Analysis Author: Clatworthy, J.N. Published: Zimbabwe Journal of Agricultural Research (1984), Vol. 81 (2) In implementing the Charter Grazing Trials, changes in vegetation were carefully monitored to detect changes in … Continue reading

The Charter Trials: Animal Production and Management

Article: The Charter Estate Grazing Trial Animal Production And Management Author: Worthington, D.K. Published: Zimbabwe Journal of Agricultural Research (1984), Vol. 81 (2) The Charter Trials were a seven year study conducted on the 2,500 ha Charter Estate by Allan … Continue reading

Grazing Improves the Species Diversity of Symbiotic Soil Fungi

The microbial community in soils is one of the most important processes that drives productivity in terrestrial ecosystems.  Yet little research has been done to better understand how soil microbes interact with plants, wildlife, and insects both above and below … Continue reading

Managing for Avian Diversity in Grassland Ecosystems

Article: Should Heterogeneity Be The Basis For Conservation?  Grassland Bird Response To Fire And Grazing Authors: Fuhlendorf, S.D. Harrell, W. Engle, D.M. Hamilton, R.G. Davis, C.A. Leslie, D.M. Published: Ecological Applications 16(5), 2006, pp. 1096-1716 Management strategies on grazing lands … Continue reading