Turkey Tractors

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Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone is taking the time to be thankful for family, friends, and food.

Chickens aren’t the only poultry species suitable for rotational grazing via enclosed “tractors”.  Turkeys seem to do just fine as well.  So, in the spirit of Turkey day, I thought I’d share some innovative things that other agriculturalists are doing with turkey tractors.

Have a look at the YouTube video below, courtesy of bean444444. Also, check out the forum post below to learn more about people’s experiences with turkey tractors via the Backyard Chickens Form.

Turkey Tractors


Turkey Tractors — 2 Comments

  1. Beautiful countryside! I rellay must make it to the Northwest one of these days.Why does the turkey cross the road? Usually to come to my house! Our property is bordered by woods on two sides, with a power-line out beyond the trees in back, so there are hordes of wild turkeys. They used to spend a lot of time in our back yard before the corgis arrived to play sentry, and then we fenced the yard. Still, every now and then a particularly adventuresome turkey will scale the stone wall in back, which makes for great fun for the corgis. For the turkey, not so much.

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