Socialist or Entrepreneur?

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A reviewer on iTunes had this to say about the Agroinnovations Podcast:

Unfortunately, it seems almost every episode is tainted with devotion to the man-made global warming myth and often socialistic economic theory. There is a lot of self-defeating philosophy in that if the government control the host and guests espouse were implemented then they wouldn’t be allowed to do the agricultural innovations they promote.  This is the kind of podcast you’ll get when the host is a socialist trying to be entrepreneurial.

What do you think?  Is the Agroinnovations Podcast socialist propaganda posing as entrepreneurship?


Socialist or Entrepreneur? — 7 Comments

  1. Seriously! I mean really! I think they have missed the whole point of the project.

    I thank you for all the wonderful information you have disseminated. I have yet to find another resource like this anywhere.

    Keep up the good work.

    By the way, I am a huge fan of socialism…as long as government is not involved.

  2. I have yet to hear you hocking any type of a political agenda and I have listened to the vast majority of your podcasts. While I have heard you make a nod toward global warming, I do not get the impression that you are making it the focal point of this website. It is accepted science and any reference to it by no means invalidates anything that happens here. Nor does it mean that this site is part of some vast worldwide conspiracy to suppress a (obviously political) counter-agenda. Futhermore, the ideas and solutions provided here are helpful with or without that context so the review in question is quite unfair and is obviously biased. This is by far the best alternative agriculture site I have found on the entire internet and as Mathew stated “I have yet to find another resource like this anywhere.” I spent 3 years on accuweather’s global warming blog debating people daily so I think I know would the difference. This site seems to be based almost entirely on results and science and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether or not you believe in global warming, it is accepted by the vast majority of climate scientists. Refusal to acknowledge this brings far more incredulity than denying it ever could.

  3. Agroinnovations is by far the most professional and enlightening podcast about agriculture and permaculture. I never got the impression that there were any political leanings in this content. Frank has done a professional job of interviewing people and getting there point of view on things. Once in a while there’s something that can be misconstrued if you are sensitive to these things, but not often.

    I feel like the global warming thing is a moot point. If you believe in global warming or you don’t, the things you do in your life should still work toward reducing pollution and becoming more self reliant. Growing your own food and thinking about how to power your life on sources other than fossil fuels (if nothing more than to stop paying these people who control the entire system).

    The information in Agroinnovations has totally sent me off into a world where people think for themselves, invent better ways of living and strive to understand our connection to nature.

    I have been periodically re-listening to these shows and I LOVE hearing that banjo music when the show starts. I hope that some day Frank can find the time to start making more shows!

    Frank, I would like to give you a heart felt THANK YOU for all that you have done for me with your amazing work.

  4. I’ve listened to too many of these podcasts to recall specifics, buy my IMPRESSION is that Frank HAS accepted the rapidly disintegrating theory of anthropogenic global warming, but I don’t recall him pushing socialism.

  5. I think that he is talking about the watermelon theory (green on the outside and red on the inside. Frank that is not you, not that it would bother me. If finding discussing ways to feed, house, tooling and philosophise about the world, while respecting nature is socialist then call me a socialist, I can’t see anything wrong with it. Anyway people often confuse socialism with totalitarianism, they are not the same thing. While we hear so much about the scourge of socialism from the right they so often miss see the corporate totalitarian state running rampage (Monsanto, BP JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs ) Your not socialist anyway, that idiot attempts to trivialise what you do and my advise, for what it’s worth is don’t be disheartened. He is just another fool walking around with his head in the sand. The denial is so much bigger than AGW. As is becoming clearer by the day the entire system is based on a false premise of endless resources. Currently all our systems of production and finance promote this falsehood. As Scott Russell Sanders Said, We needn’t be optimistic but we must find reasons to remain hopeful. Fighting against such powers must start here and now with us in whatever ways we can. In what we think and do and how we interact with others. What you have done and what you still do is to assemble a very important practical resource for people and have created a socially important historical document of the lives and work of some wonderful and mostly unsung hero’s and heroines.

  6. Socialist as in “social”, like “social networks”. like “Facebook”? Do we still to fear the old “socialist” label? I don’t think so. In fact, it will be key to our survival. Enterprise needs to be shared: shared responsibilities and shared benefits.

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