Is agroduino real?


I got an arduino, an arduino sensor shield, a solid-state relay, a set of climatological sensors, a bluetooth dongle, and an Android phone. Would it be possible to build an all-in-one agricultural management box that can be easily prototyped and deployed in the field? Or how about an entire network of them, a series of field-deployed small devices that collect data from the field, and then send the data a to a cloud server running open source agricultural record-keeping software. Then send the data to an open source permaculture simulation engine. And while we’re at it, how about adding a series of electric relays, servomotors, electric pumps and solenoid valves to manage greenhouse structures, aquaponics tanks, and irrigation systems. Could I build such a thing? Will you help me?


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  1. Hi;

    I am electronic engineer and I am very into this and I would like to work with you about this project.
    I found your site while I was searching some ideas like this.
    So please contact me if you are interested then we will discuss about.

    See you.

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