How to Attract Beneficial Insects


Attracting beneficial insects is simple. Plant flowers! Lot’s of them, everywhere, of all different kinds. Here is a lady beetle on a daisy flower in our garden. And if you see aphids, white flies, or other pests on your flowers, don’t kill them! Soon enough the lacewings, ladybugs, and others will come along to clean up the mess.


How to Attract Beneficial Insects — 2 Comments

  1. Well, I understand the premise but isn’t it true, that a flower bed may become decimated if something is not done to get rid of the pests? It may take awhile before the beneficial insects find that flower bed and by the time they do, the plants may be dead.

  2. Aphids and whiteflies will never decimate a flower bed. They have sucking mouth parts, not chewing mouthparts, so the damage is often subtle and will affect the vitality of the plant but likely not kill it. Caterpillers, cut worms, pill bugs…these pests will chew and you need to act fast or they can cause a lot of destruction in a short time. The primary objective of attracting beneficials is to protect the vegetable garden. With flowers the idea is to have something pretty and attractive. With vegetables you want a yield, and whiteflies and aphids will definitely affect yields.

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