Permaculture the Schools

The clock is still ticking, and collapse continues unabated. Most are oblivious to the true nature of the progression, what it means, why it’s happening, and most importantly, what we should do about it. But the answer is simple, and … Continue reading

Comparing Bolivian and American Elections

After going to my local polling station yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t help but make some striking comparisons between US mid-term elections and Bolivia’s constituent assembly election, which was held on July 2, 2006. In both cases, the airwaves, both television … Continue reading

Congresswoman Wilson, Take a Bow.

On April 26th, Congresswoman Heather Wilson, representative of New Mexico’s 1st district, voted against the Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement (COPE) Act. In the same House Energy and Commerce Committee meeting, she voted in favor of Rep. Ed Markey’s Amendment … Continue reading