Software Defined Radio using GQRX on Ubuntu Linux

I’ve been playing around with Ham Radio quite a bit lately.  The potential for varying applications in agriculture is pretty broad, and it’s just plain fun.  Here’s a little demo I put together of a very cheap Software Defined Radio, … Continue reading

Trends in Ag: Consolidated Capital vs. Open Source Innovation

Recently I was interviewed for a CNBC article by Mark Koba entitled “Frankenstates: Winning the Agriculture Tech War.”   In it, Mr. Koba has the following passage taken from our interview: While most tout the progress that technical innovation has … Continue reading

Farm Hack: Fixed-Wing Drones for Farm Monitoring

Over the past several weeks I have been corresponding with Dorn Cox of about the uses of fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), more commonly known as drones, for farm monitoring applications. Most people who follow this topic immediately think … Continue reading

Arduino Aquaponics in Oakland

Another arduino for aquaponics prototype. The economics of this remains of great interest. Sure the prototypes are expensive; there is a lot of development work going into it. But if the model is open source, development costs should go down exponentially once the platform matures.

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Shipping Containers as Farms? (Updated)

After reading an article on Treehugger, I just learned about a Kickstarter Project that is attempting to modify recycled shipping containers with the tools to grow fruits and vegetables in an urban environment. Is this a good idea?

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Permaculture the Schools

The clock is still ticking, and collapse continues unabated. Most are oblivious to the true nature of the progression, what it means, why it’s happening, and most importantly, what we should do about it. But the answer is simple, and … Continue reading

EETA Dominican Republic

For over 25 years, the people at the Experimental Station for Appropriate Technology (EETA) have worked directly with local farmers to develop appropriate technologies. EETA defines appropriate technology as anything that addresses an identified need and can be developed at … Continue reading

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) in Bolivia

Last Friday Bolivian President Evo Morales, accompanied by Marcelo Claure CEO of Brightstar Corporation, announced that Bolivia would provide a laptop for every child in the country. With Bolivia’s entrance into the One Laptop Per Child Project, I’ve started to … Continue reading

Personal Fabrication Bridges the Gap

As we have seen, technocracy meant the concentration of capital and its associated productive capacity in the hands of the “literate”. The consequences of this historical process were negative for democracy and community autonomy. Now, because globalization is connecting the … Continue reading

Information Intensive Agriculture

As Rudolf Steiner argued so many decades ago, the 20th century shift towards input intensive agriculture was, and is, troubling in so many ways. According to Steiner, heavy investments in external inputs, like fertilizers and pesticides, are the symptoms of … Continue reading