Shipping Containers as Farms? (Updated)

After reading an article on Treehugger, I just learned about a Kickstarter Project that is attempting to modify recycled shipping containers with the tools to grow fruits and vegetables in an urban environment. Is this a good idea?

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Episode #100 Follow-up

This blog post is a follow-up to the 100th episode of the Agroinnovations Podcast.  It includes a set of links and some videos that supplement many of the themes discussed in Episode #100. Links: There used to be links here … Continue reading

EETA Dominican Republic

For over 25 years, the people at the Experimental Station for Appropriate Technology (EETA) have worked directly with local farmers to develop appropriate technologies. EETA defines appropriate technology as anything that addresses an identified need and can be developed at … Continue reading

Building Healthy Soils

As I mentioned several weeks ago, we are in the process of rebuilding our soil fertility in our garden. One great service that I will personally attest to is that provided by a local company called Organic Technology International. For … Continue reading