The Decline in Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Densities

Article: Declining Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Composition: What is the Evidence? Author: Davis, D.R. Publication: HortScience Vol. 44(1) February 2009 We often hear claims that minerals in both our food supply and our soil have been declining for the past … Continue reading

Vegetation Responses to Spatial Management

Article:  Spatial Management of Grazing to Enhance Both Livestock Production and Resource Condition: A Scientific Argument Authors: Norton, Brian E. Journal: Proceedings of the VIIth International Rangelands Congress As we have seen, increasing stocking rates can dramatically improve overall operational … Continue reading

Managing for Avian Diversity in Grassland Ecosystems

Article: Should Heterogeneity Be The Basis For Conservation?  Grassland Bird Response To Fire And Grazing Authors: Fuhlendorf, S.D. Harrell, W. Engle, D.M. Hamilton, R.G. Davis, C.A. Leslie, D.M. Published: Ecological Applications 16(5), 2006, pp. 1096-1716 Management strategies on grazing lands … Continue reading

The Potential for Holistic Grazing Planning in Sagebrush Habitats

Article: Interspace/Undercanopy Foraging Patterns of Beef Cattle in Sagebrush Habitats Authors: France, K.A. Ganskopp, D.C. Boyd, C. Journal: Rangeland Ecology Management Dated: July 2008 Location: Wyoming Grazing management can affect ecosystem geometry, which is often a critical factor determining a habitat’s … Continue reading

Case Study: D. Joyce Coffey Resource Management and Demonstration Ranch

Authors: Stinner, D.H., Stinner, B.R., Martsolf, E. Year: 1997 Journal: Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment This article includes three HRM case studies, all of which have interesting and vital information.  The first is an ongoing ranch management study conducted by the … Continue reading

Biodiversity as an Organizing Principle

Authors: Stinner, D.H., Stinner, B.R., Martsolf, E. Year: 1997 Journal: Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment Human perception is complex and multi-faceted.  Our perceptions and interpretations of those perceptions can affect the success of land management; indeed, perception can affect many of … Continue reading

The Question of Agrobiodiversity

Over the past century, we have seen massive loss of agricultural biodiversity, in terms of both species and varieties. The statistics on biodiversity loss in varietal strains are staggering. According to the book Fatal Harvest, from 1903 to 1983, we … Continue reading