Correlation and Causality: Science in Crisis?

Holistic Management practitioners have long known that reductionism makes for poor land management.  When one relies too heavily on a search for single causes of a problem, or has a myopic perspective on farm/ranch priorities, this can lead to financial … Continue reading

Phenological Grazing Planning (Part II)

As noted in a previous post, the further development of collaborative monitoring tools for plant phenology will be critical to developing the concept of phenological grazing planning.  Implementing a phenology monitoring program is the first step in phenological grazing planning, … Continue reading

Phenological Grazing Planning

According to Wikipedia1, “phenology is the study of periodic plant and animal life cycle events and how these are influenced by seasonal and inter-annual variations in climate.”  The discipline of phenology is often attributed to the great naturalist and author … Continue reading

Dan Dagget: An Audio-Visual Presentation

Below is a series of videos featuring author, environmentalist, journalist, and ecosystem restorer Dan Dagget. In this series Dan shares with us a series of slides showing the on the ground techniques of active ecosystem restorers. Featured is a discussion … Continue reading

Cannibalize Yourself

One of the strangest characteristics of the contemporary economic system is its propensity to cannibalize itself in pursuit of short-term increases in profits. According to a literature review by eftec, “an estimated 40% of the global economy is based on … Continue reading