Software Defined Radio using GQRX on Ubuntu Linux

I’ve been playing around with Ham Radio quite a bit lately.  The potential for varying applications in agriculture is pretty broad, and it’s just plain fun.  Here’s a little demo I put together of a very cheap Software Defined Radio, … Continue reading

Trends in Ag: Consolidated Capital vs. Open Source Innovation

Recently I was interviewed for a CNBC article by Mark Koba entitled “Frankenstates: Winning the Agriculture Tech War.”   In it, Mr. Koba has the following passage taken from our interview: While most tout the progress that technical innovation has … Continue reading

The First Advocate of Open Source

The first advocate of Open Source was none other than the patron saint of neoliberal economics: Adam Smith. Although Smith’s classic The Wealth of Nations has become the de-facto Bible of the neoliberal agenda, invoking Smith to justify cut-throat capitalism … Continue reading

Sustainable Cycling

The Portland Peace and Justice Center has put together quite an innovative bicycle tour. The Sustainable Energy in Motion Bike Tour combines a long distance cycling expedition with an integrated learning experience. Participants learn about organic agriculture, green building, permaculture, … Continue reading

Open Sourcing Appropriate Technology Part I

In 1985, Richard Stallman published the GNU Emacs License in conjunction with his software package of the same name. Though it received little attention beyond the tight-knit community of computer hackers, Stallman laid the foundation for a revolution that is only … Continue reading