Dan Dagget: An Audio-Visual Presentation

Below is a series of videos featuring author, environmentalist, journalist, and ecosystem restorer Dan Dagget. In this series Dan shares with us a series of slides showing the on the ground techniques of active ecosystem restorers. Featured is a discussion … Continue reading

Comparing Bolivian and American Elections

After going to my local polling station yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t help but make some striking comparisons between US mid-term elections and Bolivia’s constituent assembly election, which was held on July 2, 2006. In both cases, the airwaves, both television … Continue reading

Bolivia: What’s Next?

After an unprecedented victory in Sunday’s Bolivian elections, the triumphant cocalero Evo Morales has left many observers wondering: What’s next? Evo has promised an inclusive, socialist government that will break the back of the neo-liberal model and change the course … Continue reading