Vegetation Responses to Spatial Management

Article:  Spatial Management of Grazing to Enhance Both Livestock Production and Resource Condition: A Scientific Argument Authors: Norton, Brian E. Journal: Proceedings of the VIIth International Rangelands Congress As we have seen, increasing stocking rates can dramatically improve overall operational … Continue reading

Managing for Avian Diversity in Grassland Ecosystems

Article: Should Heterogeneity Be The Basis For Conservation?  Grassland Bird Response To Fire And Grazing Authors: Fuhlendorf, S.D. Harrell, W. Engle, D.M. Hamilton, R.G. Davis, C.A. Leslie, D.M. Published: Ecological Applications 16(5), 2006, pp. 1096-1716 Management strategies on grazing lands … Continue reading

The Potential for Holistic Grazing Planning in Sagebrush Habitats

Article: Interspace/Undercanopy Foraging Patterns of Beef Cattle in Sagebrush Habitats Authors: France, K.A. Ganskopp, D.C. Boyd, C. Journal: Rangeland Ecology Management Dated: July 2008 Location: Wyoming Grazing management can affect ecosystem geometry, which is often a critical factor determining a habitat’s … Continue reading