Episode #30: Open Farm Tech with Marcin Jakubowski

Marcin Jakubowski is one of the premier pioneers of open source appropriate technology and agricultural innovation. Guided by Gandhi’s principles of swadeshi, Marcin has made great strides in moving towards community-based development and local autonomy. One of his first great … Continue reading

Episode #29: Apicultura en Ayopaya Bolivia

Hoy conversamos con Arq. Greby Caillavy sobre el proyecto de apicultura que Agroinnovaciones Bolivia esta realizando en la Provincia de Ayopaya, en Cochabamba Bolivia. Arq. Greby habla sobre los estudios que Agroinnovaciones ha realizado, la relacion que se pretende establecer … Continue reading

Episode #28: Conserving the World’s Languages with Luisa Maffi (Part II)

In this second part of our interview with Luisa Maffi, we talk about the process of language shift and the activities that indigenous communities around the world are engaging in to preserve and recover their languages. As with so many … Continue reading

Episode #27: Biocultural and Linguistic Diversity with Luisa Maffi

Luisa Maffi is the Director of Terralingua, an organization dedicated to the conservation of the world’s biocultural and linguistic diversity. In Part I of this two part series, Dr. Maffi explains the goals and purpose of Terralingua, and then paints … Continue reading