Episode #80: The National Renewable Ammonia Architecture

In this episode of the podcast I am joined by Neal Rauhauser, a blogger and researcher whose work can be found on the website strandedwind.org (no longer available? FA).  Neal is also the author of the National Renewable Ammonia Architecture, … Continue reading

Episode #78: The Black Soldier Fly (Part I)

The Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia ilucens) has many remarkable characteristics that make it useful to human beings.  In this episode, I am joined by Jerry of blacksoldierflyblog.com.  Jerry and I discuss the lifecycle, morphological characteristics, and population dynamics of the … Continue reading

Episode #77: CREAR with Mark Feedman

Mark Feedman is the founder of CREAR, the Regional Center for the Study of Rural Alternatives, a small agricultural school located in the northern mountains of the Dominican Republic, near the Haitian border. Feedman has been an tireless advocate of … Continue reading