Episode #95: The Apple Grower

In this episode we are joined by Michael Phillips. Michael is an apple farmer, consultant, and writer. He has written several books, and is most well known for his book âThe Apple Grower: A guide for the Organic Orchardist.”

In this interview we discuss the apple as the final frontier of organics, the use of neem oil and kaolin clay to control insect pests and diseases in the orchard, the role of observation in orcharding, and the community orchard as a new model for locally produced fruit.

Herbs and Apples (Michael’s website)

The Apple Grower (via Amazon)



Episode #95: The Apple Grower — 6 Comments

  1. Really appreciate your guest Michael Phillips who demonstrated being in tune with both the science and the art of his vocation, exemplified both by fascinating factual knowledge (the science) and the awareness based on observation. Assiduous cultivation of such skill sets will become increasingly critical to our well-being and survival as the prospect for resumption of “Business As Usual” recedes.

  2. It’s great to think that people like Michael and you Frank are doing this work. It’s is good to know how people are thinking of better ways to move forward in the long term. When I hear about such techniques, ways of thinking and understanding our relationship with the land it gives me hope. Growing food is the great unifier, the most democratic of all pursuits. And who doesn’t like a good apple and cheese for lunch or an apple blackberry pie with a drop of cider on a summer evening. All the better if you get the chance to grow the apple yourself.

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