Episode #126: The Paicines Ranch

Frank is joined by Sallie Calhoun, Owner/Executive Director of the Paicines Ranch.   Sallie is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Holistic Management International, and is a passionate practitioner of and advocate for Holistic Management.  Please visit … Continue reading

Episode #125: Holistic Management in Saskatchewan

Frank is joined by Blain Hjertaas, farmer, rancher, and Holistic Management Practitioner in Saskatchewan, Canada. Blain tells what is now the familiar tale of a high input farmer making the transition to low-input, holistic agriculture and seeing vast improvements in … Continue reading

Episode #124: Back in the Saddle

The Agroinnovations Podcast is back after a hiatus of several weeks.  I begin by sharing an article by Tara Lohan entitled Vision: How Small, Mostly Conservative Towns Have Found the Trick to Defeating Corporations.  I then continue by sharing listner … Continue reading