Episode #150: Crash on Demand

Frank welcomes permaculture co-originator David Holmgren for a wide ranging discussion on his writings and ideas, including Future Scenarios, Oil vs. Money, and Crash on Demand. In light of the failure of social and political activism to address climate change, David argues that radical reductions in consumption by the middle classes of the industrial countries could in fact crash the global financial system resulting in large reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. He asks us to consider that major changes to our lifestyles and working arrangements may be the only thing capable of shifting the momentum of climate change.



Episode #150: Crash on Demand — 2 Comments

  1. Frank,

    This was a great interview and you touched on so many interesting subjects.

    It’s obvious that we are in the brown tech scenario with the ever increasing effort to extract fossil fuels and accelerating climate change. One of the global trends for next 20 years is growth of the global middle class, but that growth will
    will happen in countries like China, India and emerging economies in Africa. They will be hungry for consumption as they will want our western standard of life.

    You have had so many visionary guests on the show, what is your outlook for the future Frank?

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