Episode #165: Tobacco Transitions

Frank is joined by James Robinson of the Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) to discuss the ongoing transition from tobacco to diversified agriculture as price supports through acreage quotas have slowly been phased out in the Southeastern United States. Also discussed is RAFI’s efforts to assist farmers on the brink of bankruptcy.

Visit RAFI’s website at www.rafiusa.org.



Episode #165: Tobacco Transitions — 1 Comment

  1. I want to make a correction to some data I misquoted during this episode of Frank’s show. I noted during the show that tobacco production measured in acres has dropped by about 15% in North Carolina since 1997. I mistakenly pulled the wrong data when calculating that figure. In actuality, tobacco production measured in acres has declined about 47% since 1997. My apologies to the listeners of this podcast. The point I made during the show remains accurate. The decline in tobacco acres has not happened proportionately with the steep decline in number of tobacco farms. North Carolina tobacco farmers have been required to grow in size in order to remain a viable farm.

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