Episode #157: Trends in Community Supported Agriculture

Frank is joined by Simon Huntley of smallfarmcentral.com. Simon shares his motivations for creating a CSA member management software platform, and the features of that platform. He then discusses the newly emerging business model of venture capital funded local food … Continue reading

Episode #10: Sharing the Harvest with Elizabeth Henderson

In our last CSA focused interview, I spoke with Elizabeth Henderson, organic farmer, CSA pioneer, and author of the book Sharing the Harvest. In researching her book, Elizabeth has visited scores of CSAs across the country. She shares some their … Continue reading

Episode #8: Monte Skarsgard, Los Poblanos, and Democracy

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) makes our societies freer and more democratic, or so says Farmer Monte Skarsgard of Los Poblanos organic farm. Today the podcast takes a local twist, focusing on a CSA farmer here in our hometown of Albuquerque, … Continue reading

Episode #6: The Birth of CSA, Elizabeth Keen and Indian Line Farm

As we shift our attention from agricultural biodiversity to community supported agriculture (CSA), we speak with Elizabeth Keen of Indian Line Farm, one of the first CSAs in the country and former farm of the late CSA visionary Robyn Van … Continue reading