Episode #119: The National Phenology Network

On this episode we are joined by Teresa Crimmins of the National Phenology Network (NPN). ¬†Phenology is the study of the life cycle changes in plants and animals. ¬†Topics of discussion include the importance of phenological data, the mission of … Continue reading

Episode #117: Natural Reality

Scott Russell Sanders joins us once again for a wide ranging discussion of issues in conservation and our relationship with Nature. Topics of discussion include the observance of natural cycles, gardens in schools, our cultural appetite (or lack thereof) for the Truth, and what we can expect to see in the future. This episode is concluded by reading some listener email.

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Episode #77: CREAR with Mark Feedman

Mark Feedman is the founder of CREAR, the Regional Center for the Study of Rural Alternatives, a small agricultural school located in the northern mountains of the Dominican Republic, near the Haitian border. Feedman has been an tireless advocate of … Continue reading