Episode #138: How Not to Go Broke Ranching

In this episode Frank welcomes back Walt Davis to continue the discussion of his book How Not to Go Broke Ranching. Topics of discussion include the need to understand range ecology to achieve cost-savings, the importance of animal husbandry, how … Continue reading

Episode #126: The Paicines Ranch

Frank is joined by Sallie Calhoun, Owner/Executive Director of the Paicines Ranch.   Sallie is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Holistic Management International, and is a passionate practitioner of and advocate for Holistic Management.  Please visit … Continue reading

Episode #125: Holistic Management in Saskatchewan

Frank is joined by Blain Hjertaas, farmer, rancher, and Holistic Management Practitioner in Saskatchewan, Canada. Blain tells what is now the familiar tale of a high input farmer making the transition to low-input, holistic agriculture and seeing vast improvements in … Continue reading

Episode #122: Inadvertently Organic

Rancher and Holistic Management Practitioner Walt Davis joins us to talk about his transition from a high, input technology intensive cattle rancher to an observation-based, ecological holistic manager. Topics of discussion include the economics of input-intensive agriculture, controlling parasites through … Continue reading

Episode #118: Cowherd Management

Herder, low stress livestock handler, and cowboy poet Bob Kinford joins us to talk about herding as a strategy for improved grazing planning and management. Topics of discussion include the ecological, economic, wildlife, and animal performance advantages of herding grazing … Continue reading

Episode #112: Planned, Rotational Grazing

We are joined by Dr. Richard Teague of Texas A&M’s Agrilife Research Center.  Dr. Teague joined me for an interview at the Quivira Coalition Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico in November of 2010.  Topics of discussion include rotational vs. continuous … Continue reading