Episode #152: Neofeudal Permaculture

Frank welcomes back regrarian and permaculture designer Darren Doherty. Darren shares his experiences from his current Regrarians world tour, and then describes the precarious economic situation of the commodity farmer and the often degraded state of the world’s agricultural landscapes. … Continue reading

Episode #139: On-Farm Biodiesel

Frank interviews New Hampshire farmer Dorn Cox about his efforts to promote open source agricultural technology. Topics of discussion include his efforts to improve soil health, the open source Rodale crimper-roller, Dorn’s on-farm biodiesel processor, open source as a sociocultural … Continue reading

Episode #108: Terra Preta and Agroforestry in the Brazilian Amazon

For this episode we are joined by Aaron Joslin, who has done research on agroforestry systems in the Brazilian Amazon and is currently developing a PhD research project at the University of Georgia. Topics of discussion include the use of … Continue reading

Episode #85: Red Worm Composting (Part II)

In Part II of my interview with Bentley Christie of redwormcomposting.com, we discuss worm feeding requirements, innovation and experimentation in vermicomposting, and the benefits of worm castings. I also conclude with some comments about observations from working in the garden … Continue reading