Episode #150: Crash on Demand

Frank welcomes permaculture co-originator David Holmgren for a wide ranging discussion on his writings and ideas, including Future Scenarios, Oil vs. Money, and Crash on Demand. In light of the failure of social and political activism to address climate change, … Continue reading

Episode #134: Brown Tech, the Global Land Grab, Peak Food, and the Agrocollapse

This episode begins with a brief discussion of the status of this podcast and its host. Frank then launches into a discussion of the global land grab taking place in Africa and elsewhere as Holmgren’s brown tech scenario comes to fruition in the form of industrial, commodity-export agriculture expanding its reach into technologically underdeveloped nations.

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Episode #70: The (a)Politics of Transition Culture (Part II)

In this second part of a two part interview, Rob Hopkins and I discuss the apolitical nature of transition culture, the construction of parallel systems, and the potential for confrontation with existing power structures. Also discussed is the feasibility of … Continue reading

Episode #69: Transition Culture with Rob Hopkins

In this episode, I am joined by Rob Hopkins of transitionculture.org. We discuss the origins of the transition movement and its practical application as a grassroots community organizing strategy. Rob shares with us some potential pitfalls, and we also discuss … Continue reading

Episode #67: Reinventing Education — Permaculture and Transformational Learning

In this episode, I am joined by Nelson Lebo, organic farmer, teacher, and Ph.D. candidate in education.  Nelson and I discuss today’s crisis in education, and we reframe the debate towards one where permaculture becomes the lynch pin in a … Continue reading

Episode #56: The Soil Carbon Coalition with Peter Donovan

In this interview, Peter Donovan and I talk about the difference between divergent and convergent solutions, the utility of policy to mitigate climate change, and the concept of a soil carbon sequestration competition as a means of shifting our strategy. … Continue reading