Episode #153: Appropriate Technology at Home and Abroad

Frank welcomes appropriate technology enthusiast and humanitarian Robert Fairchild, also known as Solar Bob. Bob shares his decades-long journey in the realm of appropriate technology, including the genesis of the movement during the oil crunch of the 1970’s and the … Continue reading

Episode #146: The Open Source Economy

Frank is joined by Marcin Jakubowski, visionary behind the Open Source Ecology Project.  With just a $100 million share of the global economy, open source hardware and manufacturing has quite a bit of scaling up to do if it is … Continue reading

Episode #142: The Black Soldier Fly Concluded

Frank concludes his interview with Jerry of blacksoldierflyblog.com.  Topics of discussion include commercial applications for BSF, the global coverage of BSF, the potential for BSF to serve as a source of protein for humans, and how people living in places … Continue reading

Episode #139: On-Farm Biodiesel

Frank interviews New Hampshire farmer Dorn Cox about his efforts to promote open source agricultural technology. Topics of discussion include his efforts to improve soil health, the open source Rodale crimper-roller, Dorn’s on-farm biodiesel processor, open source as a sociocultural … Continue reading

Episode #101: Permaculture On The Fly

In this episode we are joined once again by Darren Doherty, permaculture designer and consultant, for the second half of a two part interview.  We spend a good deal of time discussing a series of spreadsheets Darren has developed as … Continue reading

Episode #100: Regenerative Permaculture

In this 100th episode of the Agroinnovations Podcast we are joined by Darren Doherty, a permaculture designer and consultant who is an expert in keyline design, broadacre permaculture, and agroforestry.  Topics of discussion include Australia as a source of innovation … Continue reading

Episode #76: Appropedia Revisited

In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Chris Watkins of Appropedia.org.  We start off by reviewing some of the highlights of Chris’ 18 month trip around the globe meeting with other Open Source Appropriate Technology (OSAT) pioneers, and … Continue reading

Episode #30: Open Farm Tech with Marcin Jakubowski

Marcin Jakubowski is one of the premier pioneers of open source appropriate technology and agricultural innovation. Guided by Gandhi’s principles of swadeshi, Marcin has made great strides in moving towards community-based development and local autonomy. One of his first great … Continue reading